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24-hour Hotline
330-453-SAFE (7233)
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Computer use can be monitored and is impossible to completely clear. If you are afraid your internet and/or computer usage might be monitored, please use a safer computer, call your local hotline, and/or call the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Teen Dating Violence

Confidential 24 Hour Hotline/information call: 330-453-SAFE (7233)

Abusive Dating Relationships


Love...It Matters How It Feels

Dating violence is the physical, sexual or emotional abuse of a dating partner for the purpose of gaining control and power over that person.

Dating should play a positve role in your life. Healthy dating experiences help you learn about yourself.

It is better to be with the right person at the wrong time than to be with the wrong person at the right time.

Dating Questionnaire for Teens

Does the the person you date:

1. Constantly grab, pinch, shove, trip, bite, kick or hit you?

2. Blow off your feelings?

3. Withhold affection and appreciation to punish you?

4. Shout at you or call you names?

5. Continually criticize you or put down your accomplishments and goals?

6. Make your decisions for you?

7. Embarrasss you in front of others?

8. Blame you for his/her moods or abusiveness?

9. Drive recklessly when you are together?

10. Isolate you from your friends and family?

11. Call you constantly to check up on you?

12. Force you to stay after a fight or abandon you?



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